A year 16 th march

Created by Robert wiltshire 4 years ago
A year has gone by.

It only feels like yesterday that we were putting spuds in the fire out the back garden that you had wrapped in foil. It only seems like yesterday that you took me and Louise on holiday with dad to haven with Vicky Pinder. It only feels like yesterday that you got stuck in the lions section at Drayton manor with all the people at the renal unit that you so kindly organised and help push round with dad in the wheel chairs. It only feels like yesterday that you was helping aunty Liz and al get all the food done for their wedding or was that Claire. It seems like yesterday that you were making innuendos to the family making us laugh. Talking to aunty di about the sewing. It seems like yesterday you had your fluffy blanket out cuddling us into it. Putting them stupid wigs on at the manor where pride and prejudice was filmed.
A lot has happened since you had to say goodbye. We have cried smiled mourned you and been told many stories about you that some of us never knew. We have had a birthday party for you on your 66th birthday lit lanterns for you and laughed at the though of you laughing at us trying to light them. We hope you was watching. We did see a shooting star which gave us some comfort that you were watching over us.
Aunty di made us all some bunting and various other bits and pieces that we can get out at Christmas to remember you by out of all your old sewing material. Dad finally bought himself the new car that you told him to buy. You would love it its the same colour as his old one but sportier. He likes it a lot and even though he is sad that you could not see it in person its had your seal of approval. Claire has the old one which dad kept in the family she’s chuffed to beans with it although i think Richard tries to drive it more than Claire when he can steal the keys away from her. Lou’s house is coming along great dads been really busy decorating it. Not so quick on the decorating of mine though lolll. That’s next.
The children are growing up so quickly Owens speech is amazing and is as bossy as ever. I managed to do a walk for you in June which near killed me with the bum chafing. Don’t wax your bum and do a walk its not good. Me and Lou have just done the half marathon for you as she promised she would loose some weight.
Were here today as its been a year a birthday a Christmas and a year since you went. We think that we have all the time in the world with the people that we love but in reality time is such a short period even if we live till were 100 it would not ever be enough. We go through life making mistakes and most of the time learning from them. We can only look to the future and remember all the good times that we have had in life the nice memories not the bad ones that make us remember that were alive.
We are all so lucky that we have had time though. Time to get to laugh with you. To smile with you. To fight with you to look after you for you to look after us. To fall in love with you. Which we all have.
I want you to know that we are all ok and that you will forever remain with us in our thoughts and in our hearts.
I hope that one day we will all be together as a family again and that you continue to help us along lifes journey.
So once again we celebrate your life today. On the 16th of march. Its like a party.