My mum how I remember her and how I hope you all will too.

Created by Robert wiltshire 5 years ago
I remember my mum to be the rock of our family. The rock out of her friends. The one that would give us magic kisses to make things better when we feel down. She is the woman that we could go to for advice for about anything. The one out of the group that is the stupid one, the clown, the one who says the most inappropriate things, at the most inappropriate times, making you laugh at the fact that she had just said what she said often blushing for her. She is the crazy aunty the bonkers one out of the family. Aunty helen. The one who says 'its like a party.' She is the woman that always gets up and dances at a party like she owns the dance floor for a few minutes. She is the woman that will go out of her way to make sure that everyone else is ok feeding you before herself. She is the cook ,cleaner , bank manager nurse,agony aunt and sewing machine. She is the fiery woman that would on times fly at you because you had done something wrong. The woman who would say something before she engaged her brain then regret saying it afterwards. She is the stubborn woman who will not budge if she thinks she is in the right. Dad never wins. She is the woman that will fight to defend you so you don't get hurt. If you are lucky enough to be in her life she will be loyal to you always. She is the one that would keep me going on operational tours with all the gossip back home in the letters. She is the one that would be up in the curtains being nosey. She is the one that knows what's going on before anyone else knows. She is the one that would take charge and organise things. She is the one that will tell you no lies and say it how it was or is. She is the flirt that would squeeze any males bum if she took a fancy to them even with my dad being there next to her. She is the loving woman who has devoted her life to her husband, children grandchildren,family and friends. She was and still will be the woman that makes me/us smile when we see that smile of hers. She is the woman that makes us happy that we have met her. She is the woman that we can't help but keep falling in love with over and over for the love she has shared with us. She is the woman that we will all miss. She is the woman that I say is and not was. She is Helen Wiltshire our friend our soul mate my mother. But most of all she is my best friend.