Some things you did or didn't know about my mum.

Created by Robert wiltshire 5 years ago
1, My mum loves Cliff Richard, carpenter's, Johnny Matis, Barry Manallow. 2, One of her favourite musicle is The phantom of the opera. 3, She has been on tv with her friend and did the royal wave to the camera on a Dale Winton programe. 4, She passed her GCSE maths and english at 50. 5, She has a very good talent for sewing memory quilts,patchwork quilts but didn't start it until late in life. 6, Her favourite alcoholic drink was vodka. 7, She wanted to be a dancer or an actress but was too shy to do it. 8, She had size 4 feet. 9, Was 5,4"ft tall. 10, She loved gymnastics and dancing. 11, She had a really good singing voice especially on a Friday night if she had a drink. 12, She worshiped the sun and used to cover herself in coconut oil with vinegar. 13, She asked my dad to marry her. 14, Her first and last job were in a pharmacy. 15, She fancied the pants off Robert Redford.