Robert wiltshire April 10th, 2017

Thinking about you today I hope that your ok mommy. I miss you dearly. Mortgage has gone through dad is starting on the house tomorrow only been waiting a year and a half lolll. Can't wait drive way gonna be put in and back gonna get done too. You would be really happy to see what it will look like when I have finished it all. Work is going well too. Had a bit of a rough time with you not being here the build up to Dec as i always do and March but hanging in there. Finally booked to speak to someone about the army too. You know what I mean. Lous house is all done looks amazing dad's done really well on decorating it. The kids have grown up so quickly immy still thinks about you and owen will say things now and again too. Anyway mommy dearest I love you with all my heart. Speak again soon.