robert wiltshire December 26th, 2016

May you burn forever mum in everyones hearts and minds. I miss you dearly and can't wait for the day to be with you again in your company cwtched up seeing that amazing smile of yours. Please don't judge me. One day we will all be sleeping at last. I think of you nearly every day. Dads missing you as always the kids are growing up so quick you wouldn't believe how big they are. I've got a new job as a prison liaison officer working with veterans in the prisons in south wales. No more nights or weekends and a massive pay increase. Lous house is finally done so dads gonna start on mine in the new year. Can't wait for it to be all nice and snugly. You would of loved it. I am trying my best to make you proud mum even though I make mistakes. I know you love me Inside and out just like I love you. Keep uncle Richie warm for me. Speak again soon mommy. Xxxx

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